The Sydney Expo 2020 will be hosted at the Woolworths building located in Bella Vista NSW

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AusChristmasLighting Expo

The ACL Expo 2020 hosted at the Woolworths complex in Bella Vista, NSW aim to educate new and existing members in the christmas lighting hobby. For years members have been decorating their houses from ground to roof in all different kinds of lights!. If you are just beginning and have no clue on where to start our members will be discussing options suitable for your property. Not planning a 2020 show and just want to come and socialise? ACL will be having a 2 day group meeting including dinner on the Saturday night* (upon booking). Head over to our schedule tab to checkout the topics that will be discussed at the expo and even bring along that new item that you need some more information on. On of our experienced members will be able to help problem solve any questions you may have. 

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