This event is fully catered

Sandwiches, Muffins and Drinks are all included in your ticket price so there is no need to pre-pack lunch for this event.

Morning Tea

The event will be catered with access to morning tea when you arrive.

Coffee AVAIlable

Coffee and tea will be available . There is also a cafe (additional costs apply) at the front of the venue.


Lunch is provided (hot) during our break period. Refer to our schedule tab for the arranged time

Rubbish Bins

Please ensure all rubbish is disposed of properly in the supplied waste bins.

Water taps

Cups and water is provided at designated drinking stations

Soft Drinks

A wide range of soft drinks will be provided in your ticket price (Coke, diets, etc)

Self Service

All refreshments are self serve, Please see an event organiser if you need assistance


Wifi is not available at this event please use a personal hotspot.