Custom light creations

Custom light creations have been creating custom Xlights and Light-O-Rama sequences for many years. They provide custom sequences unique to your display and pride themselves with for creating one-of-a-kind sequence for your display.

Extreme Lighting Displays

Extreme lighting displays have been providing Australian’s with high quality and personalised machined corrugated plastic props. These props definitely add a wow factor to any show. With Australia wide shipping and high quality materials they truly are the leader in Australian coro props!

RGB Sequences

RGB Sequences are one of Australia’s most outstanding sequences vendors around. With affordable sequences and how to videos they surely do excel the sequence market.


Advatek provide Australian designed and made controllers for a wide variety of pixel types. They also provide fully consulted and application specific solutions for any sort of project. With no project to small or large and the willingness to go above and beyond give them a shout!

D.A.D Enterprises

BooY has been providing high quality laser cut megatree toppers to all of AusChristmasLighting’s members. These toppers are suitable for any type of tree or display with a range of mounting styles available all within the universal cut 6mm steel.

Showstopper sequences

Showstopper Sequences provides high quality Xlights and Light-O-Rama sequences to be mapped onto your own display. With a wide range of genres there really is a sequence waiting for your display from Showstopper.

Pixel Controller / Falcon Controller have been providing the industry known falcon controllers for years. With the recent addition of shipping to Australia they are a great additional to control all sorts of devices from pixels to DMX.

Ray Wu / RIta Light

Ray Wu has been providing the Australian community of pixels and accessories that are an essential for any light display. With quick turn around time and quality products many Australians have been buying from ray for years

Light Em Up Sequences

LightEmUp Sequences provide a wide variety of Xlights sequences ready to be mapped out to your display. With a range of entire show sequences and Singing face sequences it truly is a first stop for sequences.

Hanson Electronics

Hanson Electronics is Australia’s one stop blinky shop. With a wide range of custom PCB’s to get your show started all the way to the basic gear you require to get your show started. Have strobing pixels or need a range extender check them out!

Pixel Pro Displays

Pixel Pro Displays are one of the most well known sequence vendors in the market. Pixel Pro Displays provide ready to go sequences for xlights that can be easily mapped to your display. PPD also provide custom consulting for any residential municipal or commercial display

Experience Lights / Pixel 2 Things

Experience lights create custom pixel to “things” boards for those unique displays. With some of the most unique and eye grabbing displays they surely know requirements that lighting hardware requires.

OG Sequences

Need a Xlights sequence to make your show amazing?. OG Sequences provide completed ready to go sequences for your display. With a range of sequences and lyric tracks they really are a go to store!


OzAz is a AusChristmasLighting forum member.


Paul Zhang from ETOP Led provide reputable Pixels and Christmas display hardware. From Pixels to Pig Tails ETOP have been providing Australian members for many years with many members repeat customers. So if you need to get a start on your display check out their ali store


Daryl, Formerly the Forums  Distributer of Falcon controllers 

Blinky sequences

Blinky Sequences may be new but they pack a punch! with the recent additional of new sequences to their store you are crazy to grab one for your display! Checkout their website for Xlights sequences and singing faces. 

Lithgow Lights

Lithgow lights ACL-Member. The man with the “Lazor”

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