Sydney Expo 2020 Sponsors

Special thanks to all the sponsors that have donated sydney expo prizes for all the lighting enthusiasts that have attended the sydney expo 2020. 
All of the below companies and members have donated awesome prizes for you to pickup on the saturday event check them out and support their work.  

Rita LED (Ray Wu)

Ray from Rita Led has been a long term sponsor for the Sydney Mini’s / Expo from the beginning. Ray has provided various products from his store including LED pixels. 

Darylc (Pixel Controller)

Daryl provides Australian logistics for the pixelcontroller commonly known as the Falcon pixel controller.

Extreme Lighting Displays

Troy from Extreme Lighting Displays supplies pre-cut coro for all holiday lighting needs.

Custom Light Creations

Custom light creations will sequence any song of your choice to your xlights layout. Extreme detail goes into all of his work.


 Scott LED Company, Limited – Committed to delivering cutting-edge LED technology, high quality LED lighting and associated products meeting the highest possible technical standards ensuring safety, reliability and value.  

Bulk Buy coming for members attending Sydney Expo

Light Em Up Sequences

Specializing in singing Face Sequences and full Sequence design.

RGB Sequences

The Focus of our sequencing is for small to medium size layouts.Providing techniques to provide maximum impact to your display

The Lights of Christmas

Written in 2016 as a tribute to a street display in Australia that has funded the training of guide and assistance dogs for more than two decades, The Lights of Christmas oozes an inherent warmth that captures the wonder of festive illuminations possibly better than any other song.


Founded in 2012, We design and manufacture some of the world’s most capable and reliable pixel control systems and fixtures. Since our inception we have created a growing product line that has been used extensively around the world in creative project lighting applications

OG Sequences

We provide complete sequences which include AC, Dumb Pixels and Smart Pixels that can be imported into your layout.





Become a Sponsor

More sponsors to come following engagement for the 2020 expo.